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We’re in Control, Right?

Message 1 in the Series ‘LIFE’S REALITIES!’ – Air Date May 25, 2020

This new series comes partially out of what we are dealing with in terms of the world crisis with the Corona Virus.   Suffice it to say, we have never been impacted in the way we have been with all that surrounds us in 2020.  These messages come from a book of the Bible that contains some of the harshest words of scripture.  It’s a book about the judgment of God; it’s also a power statement about the love of God.  Both speak to your life and mine in the days ahead.

      We’re In Control, Right? Podcast

Wandering From the Truth

Message 16 in the Series ‘LIVING THE LIFE…. FOR REAL!’ – Air Date May 18, 2020

Have you ever known someone to cease being a faithful follower of Christ, only to seemingly slip away from the Lord and His church?  Maybe it was a friend or family member.  James calls it “wandering from the truth”.  If “truth” in Christianity is what we claim it to be, to wander from the truth is to wander from the Lord Himself.  Jesus made the boldest statement of all when He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!”  He claimed to be truth itself!

      Wandering from the Truth, Podcast