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Submission, Not What You Think

Message 12 in the Series ‘A Totally New Life… In Christ – Air Date December 28th, 2020

This is the last week this program will air on Sirius/XM.  After 10.5 years on the “Family Talk Channel”, the decision was made to end this phase of the ministry.  The program will continue to air on WFCJ- FM 93.7 in Dayton, Ohio.  (It will have the new name, “Heritage” radio on the Dayton station.)  We’re simply using the very next message in the series in Ephesians.

It’s a message on one word, the word submission.  That is a very unpopular word in our culture today, but if you’re brave enough to listen, you actually may look at the word differently!

      Submission, Not what you Think, Podcast - Randy Snyder

Christmas Time… Management

Message 11 in the Series ‘A Totally New Life… In Christ – Air Date December 21st, 2020

We begin with an announcement that our program will not be heard after December 31 on the “Family Talk Channel” on Sirius/XM.  It will continue on WFCJ 93.7 FM, in Dayton, Ohio.  We will say more each day over the next two weeks on CrossHope.  We have been on the “Family Talk Channel” on Sirius/XM for 10.5 years!  It has been a great relationship.  We will miss the daily contact with you!

      Christmas Time…. Management, Podcast - Randy Snyder